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Jensine Reeder

Meet Jensine Reeder, President and CEO of The Source Unlimited, LLC. The Source Unlimited is a consulting firm dedicated to connecting small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and corporations with the resources needed to thrive professionally. This dedication is evident in their tagline, Making Limitless Connections. Currently, Jensine serves as the Community Impact Project Manager at the United Way in Greenville, SC. This experience has afforded her the opportunity to manage a network of over 160 nonprofit programs, further increasing her skills in the Information Technology realm. The Source Unlimited offers IT consulting services to ensure data collection procedures are efficient and are accompanied by effective workflow processes. This enables organizations to allow their data to “tell their stories” and positions the organization for additional funding opportunities.

While Jensine’s resume boasts of impressive skills and experience, her biggest accomplishment is her life journey and story of overcoming poverty. Jensine has no qualms about sharing her “rags to riches” story and how she had to search within herself to find and perfect her gift of speaking and encouragement.

It is through her experience that she has developed compassion, empathy, and resilience, characteristics needed, she says, to overcome any obstacle. Much of her inspiration comes from her children and a desire to provide a stable and promising future for them. During that journey, she discovered five of her greatest strengths, Restorative, Connectedness, Positivity, Input, and Strategic, which completely sum up how she approaches any obstacle that is placed in front of her.  Jensine’s goal is to affect change in someone’s life, one person at a time

Working with Jensine will prove to be an uplifting and positive experience, as told by her past clients. Schedule a strategy session today to see how she can partner with you and your organization in Making Limitless Connections.

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